Høst til Hus -Harvest to House

The seminar has happened.  You can see some photos here and you can read Emmy Laura Perez’s Speech here. 

We premiered the short film at CAFx Life Forms in Copenhagen and you can watch it here.  


Høst til Hus (Harvest to House) workshop seeks to investigate the interface between agriculture and the built environment. Høst til Hus is the beginning of a dialogue between those who work with the earth and those who build with the earth’s materials, we hope to generate interest and ideas for a regenerative future.

We will discuss land-use, material culture, carbon capture, ecological interconnectedness, deep-time and beauty. We will look to pre-industrial and vernacular cultures, scientific advancements, ecological thinking, regenerative sytems-change, questions of climate and intergenerational justice, and concepts of care. 

By weaving stories, scientific research, and regenerative practices we hope to reconnect humans to the land and the living. 

This cross-disciplinary workshop emerged as part of Building The Symbiocene, a larger initiative advocating regenerative change. Høst til Hus - Harvest to House is hosted by Djernes & Bell, Local Works Studio, Høstskole & Dinsen/ KADK Residency.

This workshop is the beginning of a larger inquisitive, experimental, built and grown investigation into the interface between agriculture, architecture and the potential for regenerative and ecological progress.

Høst til Hus is generously supported by Statens Kunst Fond under the Building The Symbiocene Initiative and hosted by Dinesen X KADK summer school & residency programme. 


Djernes & Bell (DK)
Local Works (UK)
Høstskole - Janne Dinesen (DK)
Dinesen x KADK Summer School (DK) Nicholas Brooks (UK)


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All food is grown and prepared by local Regenerative Farmers from Stensbæk Grønt. Tobias and Nina have designed a seasonal menu that compliments the programme. Eggs are from local Abilgaard and cheese from Jernved.


Information for participants.

Vråvej 2, 6630 Rødding,
Southern Jutland, Denmark.   Dinesen x KADK Summer School & Residency. 


Dinesen x KADK Summer School & Residency.


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Findings of the workshop will be documented, shared & presented in 2023. 


Justine Bell (architecture)
Janne Dinesen (agriculture)


Photo Archive

Agronomy & Architecture: Fieldwork with Janne Dinesen
Agronomy & Architecture: Fieldwork with agronomist Janne Dinesen

Deep-time and soil, agronomist Janne Dinesen gives an introduction to the formation of Danish soil types in terms of agronomy. 

Smelling the soil. Toil types and regenerative crop potential.

Maize or miscanthus. Crops that can regenerate, feed and provide building material. 

Local Works Studio teaching green woodworking techniques and traditional hazel spar-making with locally harvested materials.

Phragmites Australis - common thatching reed. 

Christian Ditlefsen, thatcher, instruction on traditional thatching techniques. 

Thatrch being sewn onto the Dinesen x KADK residency with coconut cordage. 

Inspired by British Ridge detailing the harvested reeds become house - internal wall. 

Jeppe installing the hand-made hazel spars. 

Farmers, architects and craftsmen designing fields that invite and communicate. 

Harvest to House internal wall. 

Evening light marks  the end of the seminar. 

Photos: Djernes & Bell, Philip Mar Serejo